Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick Fix

A quickie poem inspired by Writing Exercise #99 by Rachel McKibbens


Fix your face, she snapped, her nerves a rat's nest of chewed wires

Fix this stale house, this persistent onion smell

Fix the broken crib, baby death rattle in every toothless coo

Fix the cat’s meandering litterbox snub

Fix the ominous car-engine thud

Fix the crumbling cement wall, spitting stones onto the sidewalk

Fix the plate I dropped when anger loosened my joints

Fix my torn back, pinched nerves, feet cramped into useless clubs

Fix my thundering ire, my soaring disgust

Fix the way I perch on the tip of a needle

Fix the day I lost weeping in bed, sky swallowed by black

Fix how we never close our eyes at the same time

Fix the paperthin void that remains between our palms when we clasp hands

Fix my broken arms, how they push when they should embrace

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